Ready to List with an Agent?

Yes, if you have the time, energy and the resources, you could most probably buy the property you so badly want, yourself. But whether you do, or whether you decide to approach a real estate agent , your goal is going to be the same: to get the maximum value from your transaction. And how do you go about doing that? With preparation, of course. Ask yourself a few vital questions and be sure you get their answers. A word of advice here: using professional assistance in the form of a real estate agent does really help you answer these questions more easily and with greater confidence.

How financially secure am I?
When thinking of buying a property , first determine your financial resources and your capacity to borrow. Then look around for a lender. Most often, lenders, banks and mortgage companies offer you only limited choices. But a real estate agent who has your information can direct you to the most suitable lender.

What type of property would suit me best?
What type of property would meet your needs best? Would it fit in with your buying/borrowing capacity? This is where the real estate agent will be really handy. When deciding on which agent to use, be sure to pick a realtor . A realtor is a registered member of the National Association of Realtors and has agreed to abide by a 17 article code of ethics. This should make him or her more dependable and, being backed up by a lot more resources, more able to assist you in making the right property choice.

Is this really the right one for me?
You’ve looked around. You’ve seen quite a number of properties. You’ve taken note of all those homes for sale. You’ve noticed a few in particular. You are now going to make the final decision as to which is most suitable for you. But the chances are you could be looking at it from a rather subjective perspective. You may be pepped up and your judgment could be clouded. Your real estate agent’s expertise can be invoked in full measure here. He is, in all likelihood, better informed about local conditions, assets and drawbacks, and will look at the prospective property more objectively. He can help you assess its suitability more rationally. He can also help you assess its resale value.

What do I consider when I negotiate?
What are the terms? How far can you negotiate the price? Will you be able to take possession of your dream home when you want to? What investigations have been made? With what results? What did you especially notice when you inspected the property? You must discuss these and other questions with your estate agent.

After the negotiated agreement, what’s next?
A more thorough evaluation of the property, that’s what. With the help of your agent find the most reliable professionals for the job. Expect written reports. Ask for and carefully study a preliminary report on the property title. You should be able to resolve all issues with the help of your estate agent, the Title Company or attorney.

What are my financing options? How do I find a qualified lender ?
A good real estate agent will be only too ready to place all the different financing options before you, help you choose the one most suitable for you, and point you towards qualified financial lenders.

How do I close my deal satisfactorily?
This depends upon which part of the country you live in. The title or escrow company may handle this in certain places. In other places this may be within the purview of your attorney’s powers. Once more, your real estate agent would be the best person to advise you regarding this. He/ She will ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction between you and the property seller. Jeff Melancon and his team are more than capable of doing this at Destrehan, Kenner, LaPlace, Metairie and New Orleans in Louisiana .

Once you have asked and answered these vital questions, consider yourself prepared to go out and join the action. But wait. Wouldn’t you like to be very, very sure about what you are doing? Wouldn’t you like to have the best advice available every step of the way? Well, that’s what he’s there for- your friendly neighborhood realtor, Jeff Melancon !