New Homes for New Orleans

New Orleans Real Estate consists of numerous interesting neighborhoods and communities.   Each and every area offers a different feel, sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic.  New Orleans Homes for Sale include Single Family Cottage Homes, Raised Frame Shotgun Homes, Victorian Style Homes, Arts & Crafts Architecture,  French Quarter Homes, Luxury Condominiums, Plush St. Charles Avenue Mansions and Uptown Manor Homes just to name a few. The distinct flavor of each New Orleans Home for Sale and neighborhood can often only be experienced and not explained.  You will see a breakdown of the New Orleans Communities we serve by looking through the neighborhood and property search sections of our website.
New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana. By law and government, the city of New Orleans and the Orleans Parish are one and the same. New Orleans is an industrial and distribution center, a major seaport, and is known for its rich cultural heritage, especially its music and cuisine. Never in the history of America, has there ever been a better time to purchase real estate! Housing experts are projecting that high rise vertical complexes will be the wave of the future in New Orleans development . Current multi story units account for approximately 2100 units, with future developments projected to bring that number to 4300 by the year 2009.

See New Orleans Homes for Sale The population of the New Orleans Pre-Hurricane Katrina was 484,674. Post Hurricane Katrina population estimates are 245,000. New Orleans Real Estate is undergoing a massive reconstruction effort post Hurricane Katrina. 80 Billion dollars of federal and private investment have been earmarked to fund the reconstruction and rebuilding of our New Orleans Communities . New Orleans Homes for Sale represent fantastic investment opportunities. These investment properties include multi family homes, condominiums, vacant land parcels and single family homes. Economists estimate that construction spending in New Orleans over the next five years will equal 30 years of pre Katrina construction spending. In other words “this investment represents an economic boom unparalleled in the history of the United States” !

New Orleans Homes for Sale are generally more expensive than suburban real estate. For example, a 25-year-old ranch style brick home on a nice lot in Metairie may be $200,000. In Uptown New Orleans you might expect to pay over $400,000. It becomes the buyer’s choice as to the importance given to close-in living compared with the importance of size, age and amenities of homes found farther from New Orleans . For New Orleans Home Buyers , the final choice normally lies somewhere in between. New Orleans Real Estate demographic information for all New Orleans areas can be found within our MLS Search. Simply complete the search and upon selecting any property the “community info” option will provide the demographics for that home’s neighborhood/area.


New Orleans is pronounced by locals “Noo Or-lins” “N’Awlins,” or “Noo OR-lee-anns”. The distinctive local accent is unlike either Cajun or the stereotypical Southern accent so often misportrayed by film and television actors. The City has the nicknames the Crescent City, the Big Easy, and the City that Care Forgot. Many visitors consider New Orleans ‘ motto to be “Laissez les bontemps rouler”, or, “Let the good times roll.” New Orleans has always been a center for music with its intertwined European, Latin American, and African-American cultures. The city engendered jazz with its brass bands. Decades later it was home to a distinctive brand of rhythm and blues that contributed greatly to the growth of rock and roll. In addition, the nearby countryside is the home of Cajun music, Zydeco music and Delta blues. New Orleans is very famous for its food. Specialties include PoBoy and Muffaletta sandwiches, Gulf oysters and other seafoods, etoufee, jambalaya, gumbo and other Creole dishes; and the Monday evening favorite of red beans and rice. (Louis Armstrong often signed his letters, “red beans and ricely yours”.) Buy your Dream Home here in New Orleans Real Estate .
New Orlean s’ most famous celebration is Mardi Gras. The Carnival season is often known (especially by out-of-towners) by the name of the last and biggest day, Mardi Gras (literally, “Fat Tuesday”), which is held just before the beginning of the Christian liturgical season of Lent. Mardi Gras celebrations include parades and floats; participants toss strings of cheap colorful beads and doubloons to the crowds. The Mardi Gras season is kicked off with the only parade allowed through the French Quarter (Vieux Carre), a walking parade aptly named Krewe du Vieux.

The Louisiana Jazz & Heritage Festival each spring is the other time when all the city’s hotels are usually filled to capacity. “Jazz Fest” as it is called is one of the best music festivals in the nation, and features crowds coming from all over the world to experience a wonderful time (including music, food, arts, crafts, and of course the Louisiana heat).


Felicity Crossings
Felicity & Carondelet St.
12 Stories / 600 Condominium Homes
Projected Cost 100 million
Developer: KFK Group
Annunciation and Calliope St.
22 Stories / 130 Condominium Homes
Projected Cost: 50 million
Developer :Tracage Development


Crescent City Residences
Howard Ave at the Plaza Tower
44 Stories / 197 Condominium Homes
Projected Cost: 120 million
Developer: 1001 Howard Ave LLC
Vantage Towers
919 Girod, 616 O’Keefe
25 Stories / 219 Condominium Homes
Projected Cost: 60 million
Developer: Trey Cefalu


Thomas Bauer Development
S. Peters & Lafayette St.
37Stories / 99 Residential Units
Projected Cost: Unreleased
Developer: Thomas Bauer
Trump International Hotel & Tower
Poydras & Magazine St.
70 Stories / 400 Condominium Homes
Projected Cost: $200 million
Developer: Poydras St. LLC


National American Bank Building
200 Carondelet
23 Stories / 200 Apartment Homes
Projected Cost: 60 million
Developer: Reliance Housing Corp.
Saratoga Building
212 Loyola St.
23 Stories / 159 Apartment Homes
Projected Cost: 31 Million
Developer: Saratoga Lofts


925 Common
925 Common St.
14 Stories/ 107 Furnished Apartment Homes
Projected Cost: Unreleased
Developer: Marc Blumberg
Woolworth Condominiums
N. Rampart & Canal St.
30 Stories / 250 Residential Units
Projected Cost: 110 Million
Developer: Woolworth Developers