Marketing to Gen X, Y, Z and Millenials

Jeff Melancon’s Real Estate marketing efforts are more focused on Generations X, Y, and Z consumers. Baby boomers have become less influential as consumers as they reach retirement age. Reaching Generation X, Y and Z consumers requires a new approach that is more technology oriented. The response to marketing and advertising to this group requires a totally different approach. The days of a simple print flyer, print ad or open house have changed tremendously. Successful Real Estate companies with a product and service must be much more creative, responsive and proactive to reach this valuable consumer base.


The Real Estate business has not really changed that much, but the connection points are much different. Successful business relationships build customer loyalty and generate customer referrals as they always have in the past. This component of our business will never change. However data collection, electronic communication and knowledge based management provide our team with demographic components that increase our marketing productivity and sales efficiency in a significant manner. Our Real Estate customers can easily connect with our product and other customers which requires that we have a comprehensive way of connecting, capturing, analyzing and sharing this data.


Generation X, Y and Z have all grown up in the electronic technology age. They want information NOW, and they want this information delivered through a variety of exciting media. Companies must be accountable, accessible and they have to make it easy for customers to communicate to them and other consumers. Communication through mobile connections and social media provide successful companies the venue to achieve this. Successful companies have huge followers on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Linked In. This allows a connection instantaneously to a large, informed and dedicated customer base of followers. We must meet our customers wherever they can be found, online, using an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or another PDA, all over the globe.


The Jeff Melancon Real Estate Team understands this new world of Web based marketing. We are able to capture, qualify, sort, route and report data in real-time as a result of our consumer friendly Web based marketing campaigns. We utilize these skills so that we can “connect” to our customers in a meaningful way, and build relationships. This is the one aspect of our successful business that will never change.