Interior Home Repairs

Most homes in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and the River Parishes are in need of some repairs which need to be addressed prior to marketing the home for sale. The list of repairs may have many items, but not all repairs are equal in terms of relevance or importance. Not all home improvements or repairs rank high in the eyes of the buyer. Knowing which repairs will help you sell your Luling, Hahnville, Boutte, St. Rose or wherever you are located will help you to develop a “priority list” of projects that will yield the greatest benefit to you as a Seller.


Studies have been done to determine which repairs will generate the highest return on investment or ROI. Four of the top areas to focus on are Cleaning/De-cluttering, Lighten/Brighten, Staging and Landscaping. Your potential return on investment depends on the type of repair and also which part of the country you are located in.


Cleaning and de-cluttering have resulted in the highest return on investment with estimates showing as high as an 800% return for the investment made. Home staging has returned up to 350%. Landscaping has returned as much as 400% returns. The studies have estimated that these repairs can range in cost from a few hundred dollars but have returned several thousands in profit.


Consideration should be given to mechanical system repairs, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical , lighting, carpet cleaning or replacement, interior and exterior painting, floor covering repairs, simple updating of kitchens and baths. Cleaning and caulking of exterior windows is an important element.


Home inventory levels are high and buyers have a lot to choose from. Home Sellers need to do everything they can to give their property a competitive edge, and create a lasting impression in the minds of a buyer prospect.


One of the most cost effective home repair projects is painting the interior or exterior of the home. Simple repainting with a warm neutral color scheme will make the home more inviting to a broader pool of buyers. Interior painting can be relatively inexpensive, especially if you paint the home yourself. The cost to paint can be significantly less than new flooring or new furnishings.


  • epairing faulty light switches or fixtures
  • eplacing old floors with tile, laminate or wood floors, or new carpets
  • e-grout tiles in kitchen or bathrooms
  • Fixing loose doorknobs
  • ouch-up or repainting walls, trim, or cabinets
  • Repairing a dripping faucet
  • Fixing loose toilets or faucets in the bathrooms
  • Refinishing staircase rails and wood floors
  • Chalking around bathtubs, faucets, and door-trim
  • Repairing loose handrails and balusters
  • Replace any broken mirrors in the bathroom
  • Getting carpet cleaned
  • Replacing broken electrical outlets
  • Sealing the exterior doors with caulk