Eastern New Orleans Real Estate

After taking a severe hit in 2005, Eastern New Orleans is back on the upswing. New development, commercial endeavors, neighborhoods, schools, and recreation activities are all back on the rise.


Neighborhoods are attracting many buyers looking to stay in close with the metropolitan area. These areas are also great for the first-time home buyers due to the competitive prices.


Many former residents are returning to this area to be a part of the southern culture once again.


Actually visiting Eastern New Orleans for yourself is a great way to see how it has developed over the past couple of years. You will be able to feel the forward progress and development that is taking place just by spending a couple of minutes in the area.


The medical facilities, retail, and restaurants are all growing attracting people to the area.


Whether you are looking for a starter home, or a step-up remodeled home with all of the amenities you can imagine, Eastern New Orleans has it.